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A wedding is a covenant between two souls who devote themselves to take the walk through life together, to learn, to love, to support and to understand each other. We at Neshama Center welcome everyone ready to embark on this journey and we are committed to working with the bridge and groom to customize the ceremony by combining traditional and spiritual components and new ideas of our time that fulfill both the groom and the bride equally.

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Mazel-tov to Brett and Trisa Kingstone!


Thank you again for your help and for officiating our wedding. It was such a special event for us, and we are extremely happy you could be a part of it. Attached is one of the many beautiful photos that I think you will enjoy (photo featured above). It looks like you were actually touched by the hand of Gd during the ceremony. Very nice.

Brandon Kaplan

Order of the ceremony

Welcome by Rabbi Itzhak Vardy
 - Under the Chuppah with the groom

Welcome the bride
 - (Seven cycles Optional)

Kiddush Chuppah and Kiddushin
 - Blessing over the wine

Ceremony of the ring
 - Meaning of the ring by the Rabbi and Blessing each other (the vows)

Ketubah presentation
 - The Meaning of the Ketubah

The Seven Blessings
 - Read the Seven Blessings

Breaking of the Glass
 - Breaking the glass (Mazel-Tov)

- Husband and wife Husband and wife are leaving for a moment of unity

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List for the ceremony

Chuppah – (wedding canopy)
Witnesses Wine and 2 cups
Glass (to break)
Music (optional)
Marriage license

Preparing for your wedding?

Let the Neshama Center help you make your special day the most unforgettable. We can help with all of the details, from preliminary planning, all of the way through to the ceremony.

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